June 27,2013

New Topographics: Photographs of a Man-Altered Landscape 

Speaker 鍾易庭 Yi-Ting, Chung

Some message from Mr. Yi-Ting, Chung!

Many thanks to Albert for hosting the talk and to Peggy for designing that well-printed poster. I am honored to have been able to speak at Nepo Gallery and discuss many aspects of contemporary photography with a few young artists. For this talk, It is important for me to show the historical and conceptual context in which the practices and ideas by the photographers in the New Topographics can be understood, as well as to demonstrate how those photographers in this legendary exhibition developed their visual strategies and turned their lens from the traditionally aestheticized photography of natural landscape toward a more critically photographic observation of a man-altered landscape. It was this shift of modes of operation from natural beauty to cultural situation that contemporary landscape photography found its new directions. Yi-Ting Chung

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