December 14,2013
你好!Ni Hao 臺灣當代首飾創作聯展

你好! Ni Hao

臺灣當代首飾創作聯展 Taiwan Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition


    臺灣當代首飾創作團體Bench 886將於2014年三月於慕尼黑Schmuck當代首飾週聯合展出,在擁有「首飾界奧斯卡獎」美譽的國際舞台,展現多元豐沛的創作能量。此次於NePO Gallery的展出,是一場開啟臺灣當代首飾與國際交流的起點,更是國內展現當代金工藝術能量的歷史性標的。


The emerging Taiwan-based art jewelry group “Bench 886” is scheduled to present their works at Schmuck 2014 Munich Germany Jewelry Fair, showing the rich variety of their artistic energy on the international stage which is regarded as the Oscars in art jewelryBefore the trip to Europe, this exhibition at NePO Gallery is to mark the beginning of the communication between Taiwan’s contemporary art jewelry and the whole world, and at the mean time expand the infinite possibility between jewelry design and art. 

The exhibition demonstrates Taiwan’s young-generation jewelry designers’ unique perspective and artistic variety.  The participators include prize winners or nominees in major international art jewelry and metal exhibitions.  According to the global trend, design and art have merged together in various spheres.  Contemporary jewelry design does not only follow the traditional understanding to identify itself as accessories, but also attempts to redefine body as the perfect scenery and the spacial structure.  Every work in the exhibition shows both the inherited tradition and the contemporary breakthrough in terms of media or techniques.  To begin with body, the imagination of one’s personal awareness has been extended into the philosophical thinking of artistic practice. Sending our warmest regard through the exhibition, we sincerely invite you to savor the long-brewing tranquility. 

Artists : 江枚芳、吳采軒、李恆、林玉萍、莊涵絜、許鶯薰、陳映秀、曾詩迪、葉玟妙、趙永惠
Curator : 吳虹霏

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